This section provides conceptual and procedural information regarding the List Performance Over Time report.

What Is the List Demographics Report

The List Demographics report displays the status, subscription method, and domains of the subscribers on a list. 


The List Demographics report contains graphics to show the percentage of subscribers with each status, subscription method, and domain, as well as tables with the following information:

Status The status column shows how many subscribers are in each status.
Count The number of subscribers who have either unsubscribed from the list or have been deleted.
Percent The percentage of subscribers who have unsubscribed or been deleted from the list. 

Why Run the List Demographics Report 

Run the List Demographics report to analyze the composition of an email list. You could use this list to see what percentage of your subscribers are using a certain domain.

How to Run the List Demographics Report

Use the following steps to run the report:

  1. Click the Tracking tab in the navigation bar.
  2. Click my reports.
  3. Click Subscriber Reports.
  4. Click List Demographics.
  5. Complete the information in the Report Parameters section:
    List The list whose performance is analyzed by the report.
    Time Zone The time zone in which you wish the results of the report to appear
    Date Format The format in which dates appear in the report
  6. Complete the information in the Report Results Delivery section. If you choose to send as an email, separate multiple email addresses with a semi-colon, but note the field has a 100 character limit. 
  7. Complete the information in the Result File Format section.
  8. Complete the information in the Run the Report section.
  9. Click Submit.
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