What Is Impression Tracking by Job Report

The Impression Tracking by Job report shows the performance of an Impression Region for a single send (or job). The report shows the number of times the content area was sent as part of a job (i.e., number of impressions) and the link performance for links found within the impression region. This report also contains the overview tracking summary for the send. Only emails that use dynamic content or AMPscript can be tracked using these reports. 


You must be set up as an administrator to run this report.


The Impression Tracking by Job report essentially shows two reports combined into one. The Job Summary section of the report shows overview tracking information while the Impression Tracking Details section lists the different areas of the report that contained impression tracking and contains data for each area.

The Job Summary report contains the following information:

Job Summary
Column Description
Event The occurrence being tracked
Unique The number of unique (one-time) occurrences per the link in the impression region
Total The total number of occurrences
Percentage The percentage of Unique Clicks divided by Impression Sent for that region

The Impression Tracking Details section contains the following information:

Impression Tracking Details
Column Description
Region Name Displays the name of the impression region that you are tracking
Link Name The name of the linked image or text
Impressions Sent The number of impression regions that were sent  
Unique Clicks The number of unique (initial) clicks a link receives
Total Clicks The total number of clicks a link receives
Region CTR (Click Through to Read The percentage of unique clicks as compared to the number of impressions sent

Why Run an Impression Tracking by Job Report

Run an Impression Tracking by Job report when you want to see the tracking information for a single email or job with impression tracking. 

How to Run an Impression by Tracking Report 

Use the following procedure to run an Impression by Tracking report:

  1. Click the Tracking tab.
  2. Click my reports.
  3. Click Tracking Reports.
  4. Click Impression Tracking by Job.
  5. Complete the information in the Report Parameters section:
    Email Send Area where you select the email send that you'd like to track
    Time Zone The time zone in which you wish the results of the report to appear
    Date Format The format in which dates appear in the report
  6. Complete the information in the Report Results Delivery section. If you choose to send as an email, separate multiple email addresses with a semi-colon, but note the field has a 100 character limit. 
  7. Complete the information in the Result File Format section.
  8. Complete the information in the Run the Report section.
  9. Click Submit.
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