This document contains conceptual and procedural information about viewing tracking information about email messages sent through your Salesforce instance with an ExactTarget Enterprise 2.0 account via ExactTarget for Appexchange. 


You must have both a Salesforce account and an ExactTarget Enterprise 2.0 account to use the information in this document. The Salesforce account must have administrator privileges in order to install the application. In addition, you must also enable your ExactTarget account to use ExactTarget with Appexchange. You must be using the latest version of the integration, see How to Integrate ExactTarget for Appexchange with an Enterprise 2.0 Account. Contact your ExactTarget relationship manager for more information on enabling this feature for your account.

Viewing Tracking Information on the My Dashboard Tab

The My Dashboard tab contains information on all email sends you have permission to view. All information for a send can be viewed in a row identified by the SendID. The tab itself displays basic information about the send, including the name of the message sent, the name and type of audience to which the message was send, and the status of the send. You can also view more information about the send if the send has completed.

How to View Tracking Information

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click the ExactTarget tab in Salesforce.
  2. Select the My Dashboard tab.
  3. Find the SendID of the send for which you wish to view the applicable tracking information.
  4. If available, click the View button under Tracking to see the pop-up window that contains the tracking information.
  5. Review the tracking information on the page, including the following information:
    • Send Date
    • Subject
    • From
    • Last Updated
    • Top Level
      • Total Sent    
      • Total Delivered
      • Total Forwarded
    • Opens and Clicks
      • Unique Opens
      • Unique Clicks
    • Bounces and Unsubscribes
      • Hard Bounces
      • Soft Bounces
      • Unsubscribes
      • Existing Unsubscribes
    • Errors and Invalid Data
      • Existing Undeliverables
      • Invalid Addresses
      • Missing Addresses
      • Errored
  6. To pull on-demand tracking data click the Request Tracking button. 
  7. When finished, click the Close button to close the window and return to y.our Salesforce instance.
NOTE: All bounces are managed by the ExactTarget application, and the application returns hard bounce information to the Salesforce instance.

Changing the Amount of Tracking Data Retained

You can modify the amount and type of tracking data you retain for your Salesforce sends. Depending on your tracking needs, you may wish to increase or reduce the amount of data you retain. These tracking settings apply to all business units associated with the Salesforce instance. Follow the instructions below to change the retention period for your tracking data:

NOTE: You must be an administrative user to change the tracking settings.
  1. Click the ExactTarget tab.
  2. Select the Admin Console tab.
  3. Under the Tracking heading, make the following changes:
    • If you want to enable aggregate-level tracking (which displays total numbers for tracking data across all sends), click the Aggregate Level Tracking checkbox.
    • If you want to retain tracking information at the individual record level, check the Individual Level Tracking checkbox.
    • Enter the number of days for which you wish to retain tracking information in the Tracking Expiration (Days) field.
    • Choose whether you want to write tracking information either to an email address associated with a send or all instances of that email address within your Salesforce instance in the Write To Any/All Matching Records dropdown menu.
  4. Click Submit.


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